The “Zen Zone” at Earth Day Austin 2016

The Zen Zone is a place to relax, get some quiet(er) time and tune in through a variety of mellow Zen Zone activities.


Oneness Blessing with Eric (12:20-12:55pm)

Oneness Coach: Eric HawkinsРOneness is a phenomenon, a state of consciousness where we experience connectedness and unity with all that is.  The interconnectedness of all life. As more and more people awaken to this experience, there will be less outer turmoil and strife in the world. Together, we are raising the level of consciousness globally.


New Leaf Acupuncture Demos (12:30-3:30)

Experience the relaxing sensation of Acupuncture. Learn about how the principles of yin and yang relate to your body. Christina Alonzo is a native Austinite and licensed acupuncturist in the Central Austin area. She will be giving gentle acupuncture demonstrations and answering your questions about the principles of Eastern Medicine.


Yoga with Anna (1:00-1:45pm)

Meet Anna!  Anna was introduced to yoga in 200, beginning her practice in an Ashtanga class.  She is an environmentalist, wildlife enthusiast and advocate for holistic health and finds that a Yoga practice helps the body, mind, spirit, and helps us to all be better stewards of the Earth.  She teaches Hatha flow and Vinyasa yoga, and brings a spirit of openness, play and exploration to her classes.  Anna helps her students along their yoga adventure with smiles, encouragement, enthusiasm and good alignment.

For Earth Day Austin’s Yoga class, Anna will be leading an Earth-inspired class with playful elements of rooting, growing and flying, appropriate for all levels. ¬†We hope to see you on the mat at our event!


Sumi Komo Chakra Dance and Interactive Dance Class (1:50-2:45pm)

Sumi Komo graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a BA in Dance and Philosophy and then trained in New York City with Merce Cunningham, Carolyn Brown, and Albert Reid. After teaching and performing in England and Wales for ten years, Sumi returned to Boulder, Colorado where she taught at Naropa University and the University of Colorado as well as developing workshops for the Colorado Dance Festival on Alexander Technique and dance. For the last three decades, she has found ways in both performance and teaching to interweave dance, movement, meditation and martial arts to create subtlety and sensitivity to moment to moment awareness. Sumi is currently the director of the

Alexander Technique Moving Arts® Centre where she teaches private lessons in the Alexander Technique and runs a three-year internationally approved training program for teachers. She is a fully ordained Zen Buddhist priestess in the lineage of Maezumi Roshi.  Sumi integrates practices of meditation and mindfulness into both hands-on healing and moving arts with the understanding and manifestation of Kuan Yin, Kanzeon, and Tara the Buddhist energies of compassion and heart-fullness.

Sumi will perform Kuan Yin dances and offer an informative, interactive class on the practice of Zazen, Tai Chi Chuan, and Qigong.  Her hands-on teaching style will help increase awareness of physical challenges during sitting and assist participants in finding the means to sit with greater ease.

Mamata Misra

A Taste of Mindfulness with Mamata Misra (2:50-3:35pm)

In this experiential and interactive hour, participants will explore what mindfulness means and how it may apply to their everyday life. Mamata Misra maintains a strong, regular meditation practice, engages in multi-day silent meditation retreats, and has years of experience in community education, and peer-counseling. She has completed Mindfulness Tools and Practicum in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, taught by Senior Teachers at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society at UMASS Medical School. She is available to teach short workshops in mindfulness in Austin area.


Yoga en espanÃÉol

Yoga en español with Dolores Huitron (3:40-4:10pm)

Clase de Kundalini Yoga, este Yoga se enfoca en despertar la energía dormida en nosotros, usando una combinación de respiración, postura, canto y meditación; para dirigir la energía hacia los Chakras localizados a lo largo de la columna. Con los movimientos activamos el flujo espinal y las glándulas. Aprendemos a visualizar las reacciones de nuestras acciones, alivia la tensión muscular, invita al balance y la tolerancia, promueve la flexibilidad de la columna y las articulaciones.



Prayer Meditation with Bhakti Yoga (4:15-5:00pm)

Join Austin Bhakti Yoga as they take you on a journey through Mantra meditation and Kirtan. Meditation is a practice where an individual tries to induce a higher mode of consciousness. It includes techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness. Kirtan is a form of musical meditation whose roots go back over 500 years to India. It is a form of Bhakti Yoga (yoga of devotion) and has the power to open the heart


Henna with Moonchild Mehndi: and Bhakti Yoga (all day)

Natural henna is a beautiful, painless form of body art full of rich tradition in various cultures all over the world.Henna (also known as mehndi) is produced from the leaves of the “henna plant” (Lawsoina Inermis). The henna paste is applied to the skin and then the stain develops and darkens over 48 hours and can last 4-7 days or more. I mix my own henna paste and then free-hand a beautiful and unique henna design!


 AustinCreativeReuseArts and crafts, supplies donated by Austin Creative Reuse (all day)

Austin Creative Reuse is a nonprofit organization that collects, sells, and distributes donated reusable materials. We’re giving materials a second life! Make a donation and keep creativity affordable in Austin!


Crocheting with Barbara and Laure (all day)

Learn how to crochet! Yarn heals. Whether you prefer needles or hooks or a combination of both, crafting can soothe your body and mend your mind. Anecdotal evidence has shown this for decades and new research confirms it with science. The benefits people report are seemingly endless.


The HIVE will be leading arts + crafts (all day)

HIVE is a creative community fostering accessible artistic development and collaboration through open studio hours and workshops. We seek to empower trans, queer, and cis women, and those who are gender non-conforming who identify with the female experience. Whether you’re an established or emerging artist, let’s make art confidently. Come make matchbox journals with upcycled materials in the Zen Zone with HIVE!

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