Valet Bike Parking!

bike racks2 coutesy of Bike Austin! At the south end of the festival grounds, leave your bike with a Bike Austin representative, grab a ticket and go!



Remote Parking available at:

Park at Redeemer Presbyterian Church
2111 Alexander Ave.
Austin, TX 78722
Take the Westcave Preserve Shuttle from Redeemer to the Austin Earth Day Festival at Mueller Lake Park between the hours of 11:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.
You can also take the MetroRail to the MLK station and hop on the Westcave Preserve Shuttle from Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Check out the Saturday schedule here:

Bring your reusable water bottle and get free, clean water! courtesy of Sky Springs Rainwater

Bus Options: Capital Metro busses #37 & #350 stop at the hangar!

Austin Earth Day Festival is a DOG FRIENDLY event.  Please keep a leash and clean up after your friend!

Planning Your Route to Earth Day

Knowing what route to take is a simple but important part of a safe, fun bike ride. The best route by car might not be the best by bicycle. BikeAustin created this easy-to-use Google map to help you find a safe way to and from Austin Earth Day.

  1. Click on the map image.
  2. Mueller Hangar is already set as the destination (“B”), so type in your starting address next to the “A” and click “GET DIRECTIONS”
  3. Your route will be highlighted in the map, and you can view step-by-step directions by scrolling down on the left side.
  4. Write down your directions, or print them out using the print icon.

Other notes about finding a route:

  • Since Mueller Hangar is located off of a busy street, we recommend using: Berkman Drive or 53rd/51st Streets if you‚Äôre coming from the North; Cherrywood Road if you‚Äôre coming from the South; Rogge Lane or Manor Road if you‚Äôre coming from the East; and Wilshire Blvd. if you‚Äôre coming from the West.
  • As an alternative to Google Maps, check out¬†the City of Austin Bike Map.

Helpful Tips for a Fun Ride

Make sure your bike is in good working condition and fits you properly: Taking a little time to make sure your bike is working properly is an easy way to set yourself up for a good ride. If you’re unsure of what all you need to check, use this great guide from the City of Austin. Bikes are simple machines and much of the maintenance involves easy tasks that you can do yourself. There are countless YouTube videos on basic bike maintenance and repair that can be helpful. However, if the repairs you need are beyond your abilities, take your bike in to a local bike shop. A properly working and well-fitting bicycle is key to a fun, safe experience.

Start slow: If it’s been a while since you’ve been on your bike, make sure to go on a few short rides around your neighborhood before you venture out to Austin Earth Day. Even if you’re already in good shape, riding a bike uses different muscles than other exercises, and your body will need time to adjust. Take it nice and easy to start off with, and have fun!

Know the Rules of the Road: When you’re riding your bike on the street, you have to follow traffic laws just like any other vehicle. It is illegal and unsafe not to do so. If you don’t already know them, or need a refresher, make sure to check out the bicycle codes and laws for Austin.

Helpful Equipment: Regardless of how often you ride, the following items can come in handy and lead to an even better bicycling experience:

  • Water bottle:¬†Always stay well hydrated while riding. Having a water bottle with you keeps water within reach wherever you are. If you‚Äôre not using any type of bag, you can purchase a water bottle cage that attaches to your bike. They‚Äôre inexpensive and can be found at any local bike shop.
  • Pump:¬†A portable pump that fits in your bag or attaches to your bike is very helpful, in case you get a flat or a slow leak. Riding on low tires is unpleasant, potentially dangerous, and can make it easier to get a flat. Simple portable pumps are inexpensive and can be purchased from any local bike shop.
  • Helmet:¬†A properly fitted helmet can help protect your most vital organ in the case of a crash. The City of Austin requires a helmet for anyone under the age of 18 operating a bicycle.