Outdoor Activities Zone 2016

Come enjoy some wonderfully fun and exhilarating activities with us in the Outdoor Activities Zone! Whether you have a need for speed on an electric bike or the thrill of a high bounce on a springfree trampoline or the desire for heights on the rock climbing wall and so much more, there will be something to please everyone in your group in this zone!

Bicycle sport shop

Electric bicycles with The Bicycle Sport Shop (all day)

Bicycle Sport Shop is here to help you get where you want to go, whether it‚Äôs tackling the trails for the first time on a mountain bike, riding the road with friends or completing a triathlon. Our Bicycle Sport Shop family has been growing along with the Austin community since 1983. ¬†We’ve got the best selection of bikes in Austin along with a great group of people who are ready to share their love of cycling with you.

About the event: If you’ve never ridden an e-bike, you’re in for a treat. Seriously. Come test one out to see why the electric bike is so wildly popular around the world.


Springfree Trampoline (all day)

Springfree Trampoline will bring out one of their world’s safest trampolines for children and families to enjoy as an activity during Austin Earth Day Festival!

Camp fire logo

Geocaching with Camp Fire Balcones (all day)

Participants will get a chance to use GPS units to navigate a mini geocaching course around/near the lake. Be on the lookout for a geocaching 101 flier so you can sign up online and start doing it on your own. There are many great courses in and around Austin, including at almost all state parks!

Rock climbing wall by Boulders Sport Climbing Center (all day)

($3 for one climb, $5 for two climbs)

just logoRattletree School of Marimba (all day)

Musical fun for the whole family. Join the Rattletree School of Marimba for hands-on workshops throughout the day and special performances by student bands, Mafaro Marimba and Kupira Marimba. www.kupiramarimba.com
Play Music in the Time it Takes to Eat a TACO!   The Rattletree School of Marimba teaches people of all ages and skill levels to play African music on gigantic wooden xylophones in the heart of South Austin.  In addition to hosting community events, the School offers adult and kids classes, custom-built instruments by Joel Laviolette, corporate team-building, private marimba parties, and a Student Marimba Band Program with a monthly residency at the Sahara Lounge. www.learnmarimba.com

capoiera logo

Capoeira Evolucao (2:30-3:20):

Capoeira is a martial art of Afro-Brazilian origin. It is distinguished by its incorporation of acrobatic and dance movements as well as the integration of music into its practice. A capoeira match or “jogo” takes place within a circle of players called a “roda.” As members of the roda sing and play instruments, two players, called “capoeiristas,” enter and begin to spar. In the jogo, typically, there is as much emphasis on the style and expressiveness of the players as on their martial prowess. The majority of strikes involve the feet and blows are evaded rather than blocked. The result is a flowing, rhythmic and dynamic martial art.

Join Rebecca Johnson of Arborholic, LLC. for a Tree ID walk. (2:30pm & 5:00pm) Rebecca is a local “tree geek” and ISA Certified Arborist who loves to introduce people to the fun world of trees. ¬†Join her for a session to learn to identify your trees and take a quick walk through the park to practice your new skills.