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Kids Zone 2014



Fry’s Fun Farm (all day, kids zone) 

Petting Zoo and Pony Rides by Fry’s Fun Farm will feature a cool array of animals for kids to pet and feed! Sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, calf, donkey, foal & a turkey catching will be!

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Growin’ Together (all day, kids zone)
Growin’ Together leads interactive projects making art from recycled materials. With a huge variety of art supplies, we’ll invite kids to create, create, create! Come pitch in on two primary projects– a 3-D garbage art mural where kids will decorate and attach recylced items onto a platform based around a central image and “box building” where kids can build simple mazes, forts, and other structures from cardboard and tape!


On any given day in Austin, you might see a tricycle pulling compost from homes & restaurants and hauling it to a nearby farm. But at Austin Earth Day Festival 2014 you get to be the cargo. The Compost Pedallers will be providing FREE trike rides for kids five and up all day long! Here’s your chance to grab a helmet and hitch a ride with an official Compost Pedaller on a tour around the earth day grounds. Rides will be leaving from booth #29, next to the kids stage. And don’t worry Mom and Dad, the Pedallers will have a parents lounge set up to help you cool off while the kids enjoy their trike ride!


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Laura Freeman of the Hey Lollies (1:30 pm, kids stage) 

Laura Freeman has been writing and singing music for Austin kiddos since 2003. With 3 children’s albums under her belt, her enriching musical craft educates about the planet, bees, compost, farming and enjoying our beautiful Mother Earth.




See, Touch and Feel with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department (3:30 pm, kids stage)

The Austin Parks and Recreation Department provides, protects and preserves a park system that promotes quality recreational, cultural and outdoor experiences for the Austin community. The Park Rangers will have a booth set up displaying a “Touch Table” of furs and skulls of native and non-native animals. Join Ranger Dave at the Kid’s Stage for live snakes where children can touch and experience the creatures under supervision, while challenging any perceptions of their “sliminess”!


Magellan School (all day, kids zone)
Named after Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer who led the first successful expedition to circumnavigate the world, The Magellan International School cultivates in its students this same curiosity, passion, and capacity for achievement in a global context. At Magellan, every child is exceptional. Our inspiring international faculty, teaching in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, guides students to believe in their own talents and to take ownership of their own unique paths of learning. Austin Earth Day offerings include a Lego building station, 2 “Read & Relax” and “EcoCraft” sessions, family gardening instruction, education on seasonal planting with a sample tasting and an “Up-cycling Challenge”. All activities will be presented in a dual or triple language format., so get your little explorer over to the Magellan booth for some wholesome, inclusive fun and learning!



Kent Cummins, our Kids Stage MC for Austin Earth Day 2014! (1:00 pm & 5:00 pm, kids stage)
The Fantastic Kent Cummins, also known as “The Bungling Juggler”, has been a performing magician since the age of 9. Kent is the Founder of the Fantastic Magic Camp ( In 1994, Kent and another Austin magician, Chris Walden, created the Environmental Magic Kit, a recognized EPA project. The Fantastic Kent Cummins performs his environmental magic and amazes crowds all over the world!

Boone Graham- kids musician

Boone Graham (4:15 pm, kids stage)
Boone Graham’s enveloping presence will delight and inspire you. Come clap and play along as this songwriting, ukulele teaching, gardening, dad-wizard tickles you with tinkered folk tunes, re-imagined children’s classics and a whole bunch of inspired originals. Your mind will be blown and our planet will be saved!! But wait, there’s more — Learners from the extraordinary Whole Life Learning Center will join him to display their talents on stage, too!

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Whole Life Learning Center (all day, kids zone)
Join us in the super cool Kid Zone with tons of fun activities featuring: face-painting, big bubbles, creating your own seed balls, primitive skills workshops and making your own medicine pouch with rosemary, sage and lavender!
The Whole Life Learning Center is a place where people come to grow. We first ask the question, “What are you inspired by?” and allow our learning to unfold from there. We view the Whole child, and are committed to their growth – not just intellectually, but physically, emotionally, and spiritually as well. Our Mentors model curiosity, creativity, and a love of learning; we exemplify self-awareness, conscious communication, ecological awareness, and global citizenship. Whole Life Learning is about pursuing our passions, uncovering our unique gifts, and sharing them with the world; it’s about living fulfilled, empowered lives, and working together to make our planet a more beautiful, sustainable home for us all.


Mr. Will (2:00 pm, kids stage)
Mr. Will plays a fun mix of songs that incorporate animals, modes of transportation, movement, and children’s names to promote daily learning, build motor skills, boost overall body coordination, increase vocabulary, stretch a child’s memorizing power. He creates an interactive experience to get young fans involved and keep their focus. Children get to make suggestions, like their favorite fruit or animal, that Mr. Will incorporates into his lyrics on the spot! Kids even get a chance to try out some of Mr. Will’s favorite instruments during the show like his snare drum, trumpet, and guitar. It sounds educational but when Mr. Will performs, children just think it’s fun.