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Features & Attractions 2015


Maracatu1Maracatu! (2:00pm, hangar stage)

Maracatu is a traditional rhythm of African origin, which developed over the past 140 years in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco. “Maracatu Texas” uses this name as a flag to transmit traditional dancing rhythms of Brazil, as Coco, Ciranda, Frevo, Candomble rhythms, Maracatu, and many others. With approximately 18 members, Maracatu Texas presents an exciting show where folks can explore different cultural rhythms and dance their cares away!

Texas Dragon/Lion Dance Team (5:40pm, hangar stage)

The Texas Dragon/Lion Dance Team (TDDT) is a performance-driven lion dance group based in Austin, Texas. They are one of the few teams in Central Texas that perform year-round, but especially during the Lunar New Year, for a wide variety of events, including elementary schools, cultural events, festivals, restaurants, and weddings. Lion dance performers donning a very ornate costume bring the beast to life and mimic a lion’s movements with the rhythmic beating of drums, cymbals and gongs! RAWR!!

Drums of Tahiti Revue National Touring Polynesian Dance Company (4:40pm, hangar stage)

Under the direction of Keito Ka’awa St. James, join Tropical Productions, Inc. and the Drums of Tahiti Revue National Touring Polynesian Dance Company for traditional Hula dances, tropical drumming, and songs from the South Pacific and Hawaii’. Based in Austin for over 20 years, they also offer Hula classes in the Austin area!

X8 Interactive Drumming! (2:00pm-4:00pm, drum circle area)

More than a drum circle, X8’s Interactive Drumming community jams are designed to ignite the spirit and foster connections. Serving festivals, concerts, and community events, X8 Interactive Drumming brings people together in unforgettable ways. Led by professional and talented facilitators, these community jams will leave everyone inspired and full of joy.

djembabesThe Djembabes”(12:40pm, hangar stage)

Austin’s most popular all-women’s Drumsong Ensemble, specializes in the mesmerizing rhythms and songs of West Africa. Sherry Gringas, Founder and Director of The Djembabes, believes in the power of the drums & rhythm to build, strengthen, and inspire a vibrant community spirit celebrating diversity and creating bridges to Universal peace and understanding. In honor of Earth Day, The Djembabes’ special performance will send out vibrations of healing energy and renewal to Mother Earth and remind us of our inter-connected relationship with all things in nature. Come dance with us!”

Knights of Steel group photoKnights of Steel! (1:10pm, hangar stage)

Enjoy the breezy, Calypso sounds of the McCallum High School Knights of Steel, one of the most sought after steel bands in Central Texas. On average, the students give 35-40 public performances in front of an estimated 5,000 audience members each year. The Knights of Steel have had the honor of performing at the 2006 and 2011 Percussive Arts Society International Convention along side the Inside Out Steel Band and guest artist Ray Holman. They were also selected to perform at the 2007 and 2011 Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago, Illinois.

Capoeira! (5:20pm, hangar stage)

Capoeira is an Afro-brazilian martial art fusing together Martial art, dance, music, gymnastics and culture! It’s non stop movement with kicks, flips and music to move everyone. You’ll get to experience the warrior dance of Maculele were you will hear brazilian drums as warriors perform this beautiful dance of stick fighting and dance.

Mae Stoll & CDFF drummersRaw & Tribal! (12:00pm, hangar stage)

Come move and dance to rousing traditional West African beats belted out on beautiful drums by this all-female group costumed in their trademark green dashikis! The ComeDrumForFun Drummers‘ mission is a simple one – drum for the fun of it and use the drum to do GOOD! They spice up countless worthy causes & events in and around Austin, and when hired for private parties, weddings or commercial events, they donate ALL proceeds to a local nonprofit organization – Growing Roots of Austin– that empowers families with special needs children through hands-on information, resources and support.


Flamencura Music & Dance Studio (2:30pm, hangar stage)

Hailing from the southern region of Spain, the roots of flamenco go back hundreds of year when Spanish, Muslim, Jewish and Gypsy (Roma) cultures all mixed, resulting in a musical form that was preserved and developed in later centuries. Under the direction of Olivia Chacon, Flamencura is Austin’s very first dance studio dedicated to the Flamenco tradition. Students from Flamencura will perform a set of Spanish flamenco dances, plus a special Flamenco/Latino fusion piece! These fiery dancers will get audiences shouting “Ole!”

Z-Helene & Friends (5:00pm, hangar stage)

“Z-Helene and Friends is a fun-loving group of Austin belly dancers and drummers who perform riveting and innovative shows together! Join in the hip shaking and wrist flipping to traditional Arabic drumming and rhythms. As one fan says, “Their shows always make me feel alive and totally great!”