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Features & Attractions 2012

Za Boom Ba an interactive drumming experience that energizes and inspires participants, was at Austin Earth Day Festival 2012 on a large scale. Drums and percussion were on hand for 1,000 festival attendees to participate in a unique collective experience. Check out the video of Za Boom Ba filling the hangar as a finale to the 2012 celebration.

ED Drums 2

ED Drums 3


“Austin Beyond Coal” and the Sierra Club organized an amazing and record setting aerial photo of festival attendees spelling out “Austin Beyond Coal”. Video footage from a helicopter is also online.

“An Earth Day Compassion Exercise”

No matter what our contribution is to a more sustainable and enjoyable planet, we need the foundation of connection, care and compassion. The Compassion Exercise is a simple way to remember that in all of our interactions, each one of us has the ability to raise the compassion index of the planet a little bit more!

MedMob, a global spiritual network and non-profit organization founded and based here in Austin. The goal of their group meditation is to create a welcoming and dogma-free space where people of all religions, backgrounds, and belief systems can unite to raise the consciousness of the planet through public acts of pure peace and love! They are the fastest growing spiritual network with groups in over 300 cities world-wide! They did a special mediation early in the day for Austin Earth Day Festival 2012, including a massive group hug!

The Tiny Tails to You Petting Zoo was one of many kids activities for Earth Day families.

The City of Austin introduced the ReThink ArenaIntroducing the City of Austin’s Action Plan for Community Sustainability

Recycle Your Old Electronics at Austin Earth Day Festival 2012!

ERT, in partnership with the City of Austin and Texas Green Network, offered a public electronic recycling collection at this year’s Earth Day Festival!

Every year, Americans produce over 1.5 billion pounds of e-waste, with less than 10% being recycled. All electronic devices contain hazardous materials that pollute our planet when they are not disposed of properly. Annually, ERT keeps more than 15 million pounds of equipment out of landfills, contributing to a cleaner, safer planet for our community and future generations.


KGSR broadcasted LIVE from Austin Earth Day Festival 2012! Thanks for the coverage guys!