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September 13, 2017

Reed Sternberg 512-917-6111 Shade of Green Radio Show Thursdays, 1pm-2pm CST on KOOP 91.7FM and streaming live at
September 13, 2017

Reed Sternberg 512-917-6111 Earth Day ATX 4804 B Grover Avenue Austin, TX 78756    
November 22, 2016


    Your Monthly Update From Earth Day Austin View this email in your browser News From The Green Room Thanks everyone for making Earth Day 2016 such a great event! In this first monthly newsletter, we have several exciting announcements! Events at The Green Room  Each month we will be offering a discussion relevant to our community. The series starts July 7th. Where Are The Lines? Coexistence of Environmental Causes in a Conservative Texas Thursday, July 14th 6:00pm-8:30pm Austin Green Room 4804 B Grover Avenue, Austin, TX 78756 R.S.V.P. at The environmental cause is growing, and it must be inclusive to grow–we know it must.  But the word “inclusive” can cut both ways, especially here in Texas, a primarily Republican state. How do we keep pushing our sustainability issues forward while navigating the Texas political environment and all that it brings? Join us for a panel-led open discussion on how […]
November 19, 2016

A Thanksgiving Message

When I was sixteen I pulled out into oncoming traffic. I called my parents, terrified. The car was totaled. I expected them to be upset. Instead, my mother prepared a feast that night with my favorite dishes. She said, and I will never forget it, “When times are most challenging is the best time to celebrate. Because it’s then when we need to appreciate what is most important.” As I head to Bandera to be with my family, and my Earth Day ATX family is on the way to theirs, I keep thinking of that evening. The table was beautiful. And so was my mother. The last few weeks have been enormously challenging for most in the Austin environmental community. Coming changes bring deep concern. But they also bring urgency and a relevance of our work that perhaps we took for granted to some degree–and an increased importance in supporting […]
February 26, 2016

LaVerne Williams, AIA, LEED AP, Founder of Environment Associates

AIA, LEED AP, is one of the nation‚Äôs top green building professionals and a Texas pioneer of energy-efficient green home design that strives for sustainability. Founder of Environment Associates. Williams‚Äôs dedication to improving our quality of life can be seen in the many non‚Äêprofit organizations he helped found.¬† He has served as an advisor to both theGovernor‚Äôs¬†and the¬†Texas Energy Advisory Councils.¬† He co-founded with NASA engineers Texas‚Äôs first renewable energy organization, the¬†Houston Solar Energy Societyin 1975; he helped found the¬†Texas Solar Energy Society¬†in 1976, the¬†Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association¬†in 1984, and¬†Cultivate Green, a citizen education program by the¬†Houston Advanced Research Center¬†in 2003.¬† Chairing the¬†Houston AIA Energy Committee, he also helped co‚Äêfound the original¬†Houston Chapter of the American Institute of Architects‚Äô Committee on the Environment¬†(HAIA-COTE) in 1977.¬† He helped found¬†Texans for Urban Sustainability¬†‚Ä쬆a Regional Organization for Organic Technology & Sustainability (TexUS ROOTS)¬†in 1992 and is active with¬†Transition Houston, USGBC Houston, Texas […]
February 26, 2016

Gail Vittori, Co-Director, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

Co-director Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, winner of 2015 Hanley Award for Vision and Leadership and Sustainability, convened the Green Guide for Health Care, catalyzing a revolution in healthcare design, construction and operations. She is the 2015 Chair of Green Business Certification Inc., and served on the USGBC Board of Directors from 2002-2010, including as Board Chair in 2009. Gail was Founding Chair of the LEED for Healthcare committee (2004-2008), and co-author of Sustainable Healthcare Architecture. She was a Loeb Fellow at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and was featured as an Innovator: Building a Greener World in TIME Magazine.