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Come see the future of home improvement with healthy home products by Treehouse.  Living room and kitchen area outfitted with Treehouse gear with an alternating series of lecture/workshops and Cooking demonstrations.

Treehouse Thoughtful Living Showcase Schedule 

12:00 - All Day - “Paint your Dream Home”
Interactive kids painting activity taking place throughout the day
12:30 - Cooking Demo with Charles Mayes
Zucchini Puttanesca with Artichokes and Parmesan (sans anchovies) - Veggie Noodle dish using Flare and/ or Green pans, Zera composter, other kitchen items
1:30 - "The Big Idea"
Jason Ballard presents keynote
3:00 - Panel Interview
Moderated by Jason Ballard
4:00 - Smart Home Class
5:00 - One on one interview
With Jason Ballard and Jeff Wilson

Cooking Demo with Charles Mayes

Chef Charles Mayes, an Austin native, has an impressive culinary repertoire that includes local favorites such as Mother’s Café, The Treaty Oak Café, Gilligan’s, and Café Josie. Today, Chef Mayes devotes his time to family, friends, community, and freelancing as Hired Chef Will Travel.

"The Big Idea"


TreeHouse CEO Jason Ballard will present this keynote presentation which details how the seed for TreeHouse was planted early on as a child growing up in the Big Thicket of East Texas.

Panel discussion


With Lewis McNeel, Gail Vittori, Jeff Wilson, Paige Oliverio

"A frank discussion of sustainability challenges and common ground at community, city and state levels, coupled with a real perspective of what motivates clients and customers, and what it’s like to run a sustainably focused organization or business. We will discuss motivations for entrepreneurship within sustainability, and the potential communities and residents have to be involved in making their homes and lives more sustainable."

Smart Home Class

This smart home seminar is for professionals and homeowners who would like more than just a few separate smart products that don’t work together. In this hour we will discuss smart home ecosystems that you can leverage to create a truly smart home. We will focus on some main product categories such as:

  •  Energy Efficiency
  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Health

Within these categories we will discuss ways to pick and design a system that all works together symbiotically and does more for you than individual products alone. We will detail some easy packages and starter kits for homeowners and professionals to upgrade their own home or to provide a seamless, connected home for

Interview with "Professor Dumpster" AKA Jeff Wilson of Kasita


Join TreeHouse CEO Jason Ballard in a one on one interview with Jeff Wilson, CEO of Kasita, as they discuss the changing landscape of home design, space utilization, and user experience.