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Kick off the day with a photography workshop by with Texas Photographer Doug Box. The rest of the day will be dedicated to making music with The Magick Solar Suitcase.

Magick Solar Suitcase Musik

The Magick Solar Suitcases Musik are a live, interactive, sensational experience that is completely powered by the sun. This interactive/live instrument brings an element of creation and crowd involvement, enjoyable by people of all ages and cultures. We often have 5 year olds on the microphone while their parents create the beat. This is a truly special moment that creates smiles from ear to ear, family member to family member.

Nature Photography Workshop


Learn to Create Better Nature Photos with Doug Box - Master Photographer. By starting out in your own backyard, you have a great opportunity create better images of the birds, animals and nature in your own environment. It also gives you the most amount of time to practice your skills. Doug will show you 7 tips to Make Better Photographs no matter what camera you have, whether you have a Digital SLR or just a smart phone! He will show you how to get better exposures, a more pleasing composition, how to make better people photographs along with travel and landscape photographs. You will also see how to tell stories with you camera and share your passion for natural resources. . And see how to use simple apps to create art pieces.