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Renewables are reshaping the future in Texas. Wind, solar and other forms of renewable energy are booming business in the in utility, commercial and residential markets of our Lone Star State. And these market shifts are having enormous impacts in reducing carbon emissions and pollution. Several areas of the festival offer unique windows into this world.

Freedom Solar's installation at Huston-Tillotson University

Freedom Solar

Freedom Solar will be hosting a shaded outdoor lounge, as well as the SunPower Gallery featuring top-notch views of the Austin Skyline and all of the activities on the Earth Stage. Everyone’s a VIP here, so come enjoy a beverage, take in the scenery, and snap a photo at the Earth Day ATX photo booth. Freedom Solar will also feature their mobile stage with live entertainment.

Renewables Marketplace

Austin's renewable community of providers will be well represented in the Renewables Marketplace. Featuring gadgets, panels and other innovations, this area will allow attendees to explore the future of renewables up close and personal

solar city
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