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Come out to the Huston-Tillotson campus and celebrate Earth Day 2017! Capital Metro and Earth Day Austin are planning a great day so that you can have fun, learn stuff and pledge to cut your carbon footprint.

Transportation Resources for getting to/from Earth Day

Do you really want to roll up to Earth Day driving alone in your car on a beautiful spring day?! We didn't think so! Leave your car at home and cut your carbon at Earth Day Austin.

Plan your trip today!

On the web:

On your phone:

Capital Metro Routes 2, 4, 21, 22, 320 & MetroRail will help get you to the fest. Capital Metro is sponsoring special, extended service on Earth Day:

- MetroBus Route 4 will run higher frequency service all day long!

- MetroRail will begin running at 10 a.m., (approximately 6 hours earlier than normal) starting at the Howard Lane Station The Saltillo Plaza stop will get you to 2 blocks south and west of the event.

- Remote Parking arranged with State garages, Austin Community College Campuses, Carver Library, Keeling Middle School and other sites.

- Shuttles from Saltillo Plaza, State Garages and other parking provided by local TNCs and shuttle companies.

- B-Cycle Pop-up Station on sidewalk between Bike Repair and Transportation Pavilion - Pick up a B-Cycle at the Red Line Plaza Saltillo station or any of the other 50 Central Austin stations and ride it to Earth Day. Or grab a bike at the end of your Earth Day visit and ride to another station. Map of stations here.

- Bike Valet provided by Bike Austin– East gate of Huston-Tillotson.

- Bike Parking – self-park at North (11th St.) and West (Chalmers) gates.

- Bike Repair Services provided by Yellow Bike Project – near the East (Chicon) gate.

Driverless Vehicle Demo Rides

The demo was cancelled in the end because of a lack of available insurance to cover such a new technology driving passengers. Next year!

Transportation Pavilion

Sponsored by Capital Metro, the Transportation Pavilion will teach you to explore the city in a whole new way! Exhibitors will help you add walking, biking, transit, car sharing, ride sharing, carpooling or vanpooling to your daily commute. At the pavilion, find commuting resources, a bike valet and repair station, a sneak peak of emerging transportation projects, the modern vehicle showcase, mobile app assistance and help to create a customized trip plan. PLUS, pledge to cut your carbon by changing your commute at least once a week, and you'll be invited to make it official on the Graffiti Bus!

Bike Release

Bicycle Sport Shop plus Yellow Bike Project Bike Release is a free bike giveaway for young people. The Bike Release Includes:

- Safety training

- Helmet fittings

- Bike selection and fitting

Bike Parking

Valet bike parking at Chicon entrance and self-park at 11th St and Chalmers entrances.

Modern Vehicle Exhibit

Sit in the driver’s seat (or back seat) and explore the qualities of featured electric, hybrid and fuel efficient vehicles on display.


Graffiti Bus

Capital Metro invites you to make your mark on the Graffiti Bus. Here's how it works:

1. Visit with a Transportation Pavilion exhibitor.

2. Make a pledge to cut your carbon by changing your commute AT LEAST once a week.

3. We'll calculate how much carbon your new commute will save.

4. Take your carbon savings to the Graffiti Bus and make your pledge public.