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Multiple art pieces by George Sabra, including one of his new pollution installations. Along with the Guinness World Records' Worlds Largest Shovel presented by Garden-Ville.


Garden-Ville presents the Guinness World Records’ World’s Largest Shovel

Garden-Ville invites you to get an up close and personal look at the World’s Largest Shovel. The shovel stands tall at over 40 feet high weighing 5,000 pounds, displayed as a symbol of our commitment to reclaim, recycle and repurpose. The Garden-Ville shovel, which is made from all recycled materials diverted from the landfill including scrap metal and telephone poles, was designed and constructed by our resident artist, Chris Anderson.

Shovel Facts:

Total Length – 40 Feet 8 Inches

Spade Width – 7 Feet 4 Inches

Weight – 5,000 pounds



Created by Environmental artist George Sabra. Industrial Packaging Issues (Completed: October 2013 at SXSE Eco). Free standing figures highlighting industrial packaging and its impact on the environment. Made of discarded and reclaimed cardboard and metal 10’ height x 4’ width x 2’ depth.


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Exhausted Tree

Inspired by the 2017 UN environmental theme "POLLUTION", Eco Artist George Sabra aims to inspire conversations about air pollution. His latest artwork entitled "Exhausted Tree", is an 11 foot tall free standing tree sculpture, made out of reclaimed car & truck exhaust pipes and mufflers. The materials were contributed by muffler shops from the greater Austin metropolitan area. This artwork is a temporary public art installation created to celebrate the 2017 Austin Earth Day festival, while raising awareness of air pollution.