Video from Austin Earth Day Festival!




Recycle your E-Waste at Austin Earth Day Festival 2015!

Austin Earth Day Festival has partnered with Ecology Action to provide drop-sites at the festival. Here is a list of what you can bring:

Televisions | Fax Machines | Computer Monitors | Optical Drives| PC Boards Computers | DVD Players | Loose PCBAs | Laptops | VCR / Beta | Keyboards | Cables & Cords Printers | Radios | Computer Mice | Stereo Components | Hard Drives | Tape & Zip Drives

Austin Earth Day Festival is a ZERO WASTE EVENT!

BalconesResourcesEastSideCompostPedallersWorking with our partners Balcones Resources and East Side Compost Pedallers, Austin Earth Day Festival is keeping it out of the landfill!