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There will be plenty of food at this years Earth Day ATX such as food trucks from all around the Austin area and veg food sampling circuit. Snack as you go or take a break and have a meal, maybe even learn something new at one of the food themed demos going on through out the day.

Food Trucks

Stop and grab lunch or a snack at some of Austin's favorite local food trucks throughout the city.

Vegetarian Food Sampling Circuit

Opportunity for event-goers to try a variety of vegetarian dishes without having to spend their whole meal allotment on one item. $1 tickets will be sold by H-T Student groups for samples from local restaurants (including Casa de Luz and Quinoa Grill), grocery stores (like Wheatsville Food Coop) and food manufacturers (like Dang Burger and The Hearty Vegan Texas Tempeh). A portion of each ticket sale will serve as a fundraiser for H-T student groups including the NAACP. Students will sell and collect tickets, support the vendors and ensure an excellent experience for guests.

Cooking Demonstrations


Taking place in the TreeHouse Thoughtful Living Zone.

Table To Farm: A Grub's Life

Join Little Herds, GrubTubs and Westfold Farms to learn how insects can be used to turn wasted food from Austin restaurants into high-quality chicken feed for our urban farmers. Meet the Grubs and the Heritage Chickens involved in our pilot project, and view the lifecycle of food as it travels from Table to Farm to help Austin farmers. Maybe feed a grub to the chickens and see what they think?