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Chas Moore, MC of Community Justice Hub

Chas Moore is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of Austin Justice Coalition. Austin Justice Coalition is focuses on improving the quality of life for Black and Brown people and for people who are financially poor. We believe real change will only come if people of color and all other people pushed into the margins of society lead their own intersectional liberation. We partner with allies willing to work for and follow people of color and impoverished people.

Robin Schneider, co-MC on Climate Change

Since 2000, Robin Schneider has been Executive Director of Texas Campaign for Environment and TCE Fund and advocates for Zero Waste strategies in Texas. She helped convince Dell and other companies to support producer take back recycling for electronics and the helped pass state electronics takeback laws in 2007 and 2011. Under Robin’s direction, TCE took a leading role in the campaign to close the Grandfather Loophole in the Texas Clean Air Act, for which she was dubbed the “Best Advocate for Breathers” by The Austin Chronicle. She started out as a canvasser for the Equal Right Amendment in 1978 and was trained at the Midwest Academy. She is also an activist with Undoing White Supremacy Austin.

Drop Below Small Talk with Authentic Relating Games

Build real connection with the people around you!
Facilitators from the Austin Love Juggernaut will lead audience members in simple social games that will help you discuss issues and feel more connected to the person standing next to you.
Brought to you by Jesse French

Poignant Pictures

Explore how each of us interpret significant events differently.
Explore visuals of significant climate change, environmental racism, and land use-related occurrences—past and present—in Central Texas, learning the importance of how each of us interpret significant events differently.
Brought to you by Juniper Lauren Ross

Carmen Llanes Pulido, co-MC on Environmental Racism

Carmen Llanes Pulido was born and raised in Austin on "both sides of the highway," and studied environmental science and and free trade policy at the University of Chicago. She has organized with communities around public health issues and root causes of disparities for the last 14 years, and currently serves as Executive Director of Go Austin! ¡Vamos Austin! (or GAVA) and Vice Chair of​ the city's Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life Commission. Carmen is also an inaugural member of Austin's Independent Citizens' Redistricting Commission, which drew maps for Austin's first geographically representative city council under 10-1.

See What We Mean!

Let's all get on the same page and see what we mean—literally!
Ever wondered, "What on Earth does that mean?" when someone talked about environmental racism or land use issues or policy? Join us to collectively create a visual representation of what each of us means when we say a commonly-used words about environmental issues. By the end of the day, we will all be on the same page and see what we mean—literally!
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Mapping Austin's Environmental Racism

Come learn about some of the most important environment and land use decisions of the past and how they continue to impact us today! Leave your mark on these maps to see where you live in Austin and how long you've been in relation to segregationist policies and the resultant land use.

Marisa Perales and Lauren Ice, Co-MCs on Land Use

Marisa Perales is a partner in a small environmental law firm that advocates against polluters and in favor of the public's interest throughout Texas. Ms. Perales also serves as the Chair of the City of Austin’s Environmental Commission and is on the board of Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund and Clean Water Action. Ms. Perales is also a member of Communities of Color United (CCU), a grassroots coalition of people of color organizations and individuals working for racial equity and social justice. In her free time, Ms. Perales enjoys listening to her partner play blues guitar at the legendary Continental Club.

Help Make An Earth Day Video!

Record a brief video on what you're most excited about at Earth Day!
Excited by all of the eye-opeing content of the Community Justice Hub? Want to contribute to Earth Day beyond the festival? Stop by this station to record a brief video on what you're most excited about at Earth Day!